Wait for Windows to enable driver updates for your laptop. Once enabled close the device installation settings window and press Windows + i on your keyboard.

  • The number in the first red frame is your system version, while the number in the second red frame is the Build.
  • Can you or anyone advise anything on this scenario.
  • As for Toshiba users for Windows 10, refer to Toshiba site for the latest drivers.
  • Farmhands also can’t marry custom NPCs; the host is able to do that with no issues.Visual changesdependsThat includes custom portraits and sprites, custom farmer appearance, recolors, etc.

Fixed characters you divorced still greeting you when you enter a location. Fixed characters greeting you when you enter a location when they’re not present. Fixed issue where non-wooden gates would revert to wooden gates after saving & loading a game. Other bug fixesFixed crash when resizing game window in some cases. Pierre’s stand at the Egg Festival to fix layering issues. Fixed tooltip for purchasing edible but non-health-restoring items showing price outside of the tooltip.

Top 7 Ways To Fix Macbook Keyboard Keys Not Working

You can try enabling the NVIDIA output port in the NVIDIA Control Panel to resolve this issue. If the option is not grayed out, follow the instructions to continue the process. Now make sure that the “NVIDIA output not connected” error is resolved. Simply click the Install button and then follow the instructions that flash on your screen to install DriverDownloader. You may either see this message in a pop-up window or at the bottom of your screen. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle entailed in updating NVIDIA driver manually, this method is just perfect for you. This is a common problem, so you don’t need to worry much if you’re facing this ps4 hbo max error ce-34878-0 issue.

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This fixes the common fishing rod softlock next to Willy’s house and during the Festival of Ice. Multiplayer fixesFixed a rare crash that could occur when watching an event in multiplayer as the clock hits midnight or 1am. Fixed an issue where the last-used volume levels weren’t properly applied when starting a new game. Stardew Valley 1.5.5 was released to the Steam beta branch on 17 August 2021 for mod authors, announced in the forums on 07 September 2021, and released to all players on 30 November 2021.